Weekly Eats May 11-15

It’s been a busy few weeks here in the Steuber house, but as things start to settle down again I can start back up with blogging and shooting videos! I like documenting what my weeks are because when I look back I can see what I was doing a year, or ever more from now!


[Fresh Peaches from schnepf farms strawberry from my garden]

[Delicious Lemongrass Tom Collins from Bitter and Twisted and Jess 😉 ]

[Strawberry and Basil from Steuber Gardens!]

[Strawberry Papaya- supposedly one of the sweetest types of papaya!]


Weekly eats 4/27-5/1

     [I’ve been really inspired by Moroccan flavors lately; turmeric, z’tar etc. this is a delicious chicken dish on top of an Israeli salad and cous cous]


  [Dinner at our go to neighborhood spot: Oven + Vine]


[Dinner for My parents at our place. Beer Can chicken, Black eyed peas and a beet and citrus salad]


[Pad Thai with Chinese Long Beans]

Eating Adventures: Sweet Tamarind

tamWatch as I eat this weird looking pod. I found this in my local asian grocery store and thought I would try it for you on camera. Tamarind is found in a lot of thai dishes i.e. Pad thai, stir fry and curries. I encourage you to try this funky looking pod. It’s sweet and a bit tangy, but really mild and fun to eat!

Product Spotlight: Morning Yogurt Bowls

IMG_4663When I am not eating overnight oats I love making yogurt bowls for breakfast. It’s everything I love about oatmeal: toppings, without the actual oats. I use plain flavors of anything from greek yogurt to plain yogurt to Icelandic yogurt (seriously try it).



My favorite toppings include: flax seeds (deliciously nutty and creamy), chia seeds, almonds, almond butter and whatever kind of fruit. I have also been eating these at night for a little something sweet!!!


Weekly eats April 20-24


[Spring Rolls]

[Seriously delicious slow baked salmon with fennel, blood oranges and lemon]  

[before it went into the oven]

[Weekend dinner at my parents house- poached tilapia with mango avocado salsa and spring rolls, made by me!]   

[Dinner at The Original ChopShop– Power Green Drink and Beet Salad]

[Lunch- grain salad with left over chicken, quinoa and hard boiled egg]

[Still my favorite breakfast- yogurt bowl with almond butter, bananas, almonds, flax and chia seeds and cereal]

Spring Rolls and Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce

Shrimp Spring Rolls

I love this time of year; when we get to eat outside, bask in the sun and go on hikes in the middle of the afternoon. From end of February to about Early May the weather in Phoenix is unbeatable. When we are eating outside I like to make and eat dishes that are room temperature or cold. Something about the alfresco dining turns me away from anything hot (in temperature).

These shrimp spring rolls are the perfect dish for snacking on or eating as a whole meal, although truth told it’s the peanut sauce the really takes the spotlight. This is the BEST tasting peanut sauce I have ever had, made creamy with coconut milk  and a bit spicy with a serrano pepper I could have this as a dipping sauce for everything (sweet potato fries, anyone?!)

Peanut Sauce


 Peanut Sauce

3/4 c salted peanuts
3 garlic cloves, peeled
1 serrano chile, chopped
2 T ginger, peeled chopped
1/4 C palm sugar
3/4 can coconut milk
1/4 C soy sauce (I used reduced sodium)

Pulse Peanuts, garlic, serrano, ginger and palm sugar in food processor until finely ground. Add peanut mixture, coconut milk and soy sauce into sauce pan, bring to boil, reduce to simmer until thick and dark (about 15 minutes)

Spring Rolls

rice paper, leaf lettuce, cucumber, basil, mint, shrimp

Wrap and enjoy!

Watch the youtube here:

5 unexpected small kitchen tools

Unexpected kitchen tools

Clutter in the kitchen is the worst. I hate having a ton of small tools that say that work for a purpose that I can do just as easy manually. Which is why I try to limit my gadgets in the kitchen. I’ve come up with 5 small and unexpected tools that I will always keep around no matter what size kitchen i’n cooking in.

Watch the video and see the links below for where to find these tools [All can be found on amazon!]

Links to the 5 tools I mentioned:
1. Citrus Squeezer
2. Microplane
3. Mandoline
4. Pinch Bowls
5. Rock: Free, from your backyard!!

Best Cinnamon roll at Phoenix Farmers Market

Best of Cinnamon RollThe Downtown Phoenix Farmer’s Market is open every Wednesday and Saturday. While I would love to be able to hit the market on both days, I usually just make it on Saturdays. It opens at 8 in the morning and by then it’s usually bustling with shoppers, vendors, dogs and kids. One of my favorite things to do in life is taste test- I love to compare the same dish prepared by two different sources. Last weekend I went with D to the market and we fell in love with the cinnamon roll at Bread Basket Bakery. We saw a 6 year old kid eating one and immediately had to find where it came from and we enjoyed the huge pastry sitting on the back of the truck with our dog and two cups of coffee, it was the perfect morning.

2 cinnamon rolls

This past Saturday D was unable to come to the market, but luckily I had my other favorite companion to accompany me! We decided we wanted to try 2 completely different cinnamon rolls and see which one we liked best.

We tried the same one D and I had the week before from Bread Basket Bakery:

Break Basket Bakery Cinnamon Roll

and a new one from Phoenix Public Market Cafe 

Phoenix Public Market Cafe Cinnamon Roll


Truthfully, it was really hard to come up with a conclusion. We loved them both, as they were so different. The first, from Bread Basket Bakery, was pulling on my mom’s nostalgic strings. She said she used to eat treats called honey buns that tasted just like the cinnamon roll; a perfect balance of cinnamon, glaze and pillowy soft dough. However the cinnamon roll from PPMC come from more of the hearty, homemade crowd. It was definitely more complex with butterscotch and  honey notes, but the dough was more tough. Overall they were both delicious but I think we came to the wild conclusion of picking the Bread Basket Bakery Cinnamon Roll as the winner.


Let me know where your favorite cinnamon roll is from!!


Weekly Eats: April 13-17


[My first try at Natto]


[A little midweek Cava, coupe from UrbAna]

Moroccan Spiced Chicken

[A little Moroccan inspired meal, Chicken, tangy cucumber salad and cous cous]


baked potato

[My favorite meal to eat when D is gone for the night, loaded baked potato]

Yogurt Bowl

[My latest go to breakfast bowl, yogurt, chia, flax, berries, almond butter, raisins, granola]

Eating Adventures: Natto

Close up natto If you know me you know I have an affinity for all things asian. I am 1/4 chinese and have always loved anything to do with asian culture specifically eats. I’ve been watching a new youtube channel Emmymadeinjapan. Emmy, the creator, is this articulate lovely mom who tries all different types of food around the world.  I scroll through her feed and watch random videos that look interesting. natto I came across this Natto video and was instantly intrigued. Also, I work for a sushi restaurant and I asked the managers what they thought of Natto and they said I should try it because of the amazing health benefits, they were pretty vague about the taste. So I gave it a try: