Best Cinnamon roll at Phoenix Farmers Market

Best of Cinnamon RollThe Downtown Phoenix Farmer’s Market is open every Wednesday and Saturday. While I would love to be able to hit the market on both days, I usually just make it on Saturdays. It opens at 8 in the morning and by then it’s usually bustling with shoppers, vendors, dogs and kids. One of my favorite things to do in life is taste test- I love to compare the same dish prepared by two different sources. Last weekend I went with D to the market and we fell in love with the cinnamon roll at Bread Basket Bakery. We saw a 6 year old kid eating one and immediately had to find where it came from and we enjoyed the huge pastry sitting on the back of the truck with our dog and two cups of coffee, it was the perfect morning.

2 cinnamon rolls

This past Saturday D was unable to come to the market, but luckily I had my other favorite companion to accompany me! We decided we wanted to try 2 completely different cinnamon rolls and see which one we liked best.

We tried the same one D and I had the week before from Bread Basket Bakery:

Break Basket Bakery Cinnamon Roll

and a new one from Phoenix Public Market Cafe 

Phoenix Public Market Cafe Cinnamon Roll


Truthfully, it was really hard to come up with a conclusion. We loved them both, as they were so different. The first, from Bread Basket Bakery, was pulling on my mom’s nostalgic strings. She said she used to eat treats called honey buns that tasted just like the cinnamon roll; a perfect balance of cinnamon, glaze and pillowy soft dough. However the cinnamon roll from PPMC come from more of the hearty, homemade crowd. It was definitely more complex with butterscotch and  honey notes, but the dough was more tough. Overall they were both delicious but I think we came to the wild conclusion of picking the Bread Basket Bakery Cinnamon Roll as the winner.


Let me know where your favorite cinnamon roll is from!!



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