What I ate in San Francisco

Oysters from Boudin Bakery


[Oysters from Boudin Bakery]

I kick myself sometimes for not taking pictures- and this is one of those times. Given we were restricted where we ate because D sadly had food poising the day before I met him in San Fran, but I did manage to get in a few pictures of the meals I ate. Overall I think San Fran has an amazing food scene, but it’s so overwhelming to find all the best places. In fact, we tried to get a reservation at Flour + Water but they didn’t have any openings for weeks. Next time we go i’ll have to book some reservations far in advance!

Breakfast at Black Point Cafe[A delicious egg breakfast from Black Point Cafe in Fisherman’s Wharf]

Off the GridThe only picture I got from Off the Grid – This is one of the things I highly recommend doing, it’s more local than touristy and we had THE BEST food at a tent called Bombzies BBQ, which is Korean BBQ, OMG I wish I had a picture it was amazing]

Breakfast at Farmers Market[We went to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market on Saturday and that event alone made me consider wanting to live in San Fran. This is my amazing breakfast from a vendor, I wish I could remember the name all local and delicious ingredients, down to the bread]

Mr Holmes Bakehouse[An amazing bakery just outside of Union Square, Mr Holmes Bakehouse , we got a box filled with an assortment of pastries]



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