Weekly eats March 23- April 2


Celery Root


Celery root or celeriac. Used for a celeriac puree under pot roast.

Chashu, broken rice and bok choy


Char Su, broken rice (with furikake seasoning) and bok choy. Char Su packet


Homemade Pasta



Homemade pasta with a ton of herbs

making pasta  Fruit Cup    Fruit cup- cup from UrbAna

Crab Cakes and Fiddle heads


Crab cakes with fiddle heads and a fresh salad at my parents house



Blackberry Soup

Blackberry soup made by my mom!


One comment

  1. That blackberry soup photo looks great, char su pork is awesome, Fresh pasta is always better, and this post just made me super hungry!!! Yum. 😊 keep eating well!

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