Product Spotlight- Broken Rice

Broken Jasmine Rice

I was introduced to broken rice by my Mom a few years ago. I can’t remember if she used to have it as a kid or why she introduced it to my for the first time, but i’m so glad she did. As a child I never really took to rice. But as i’ve gotten older rice has become a staple in our house for dinner, lunch, and breakfast! My favorite of all the types of rice is broken rice. I find it to not only be the most flavorful, but the most unexpected.

Dry broken rice

From what I have found on the internet, broken (jasmine) rice is supposedly the lesser quality rice. In fact when I was buying it at Lee Lee’s the cashier even questioned me about it…”you sure you want the broken rice?”

I love putting it in soups, with curry, and lately with the Chashu I just made at home. You cook it like regular rice, (on your stove or rice cooker) and it yields a texturally satisfying accompaniment to your meal. Bonus: broken rice is even cheaper than regular rice. Find it at your local asian super market!

cooked broken rice



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