Product Spotlight: Trader Joe’s Turkish Honey

Trader Joe's Turkish Honey

Honey and I had an estranged relationship for years. She was one of those friends who just went over board every time you gave her a chance, and to top it off she left an unpleasant lingering taste in your mouth hours after you were finished with her.Lately, we’ve made up.

You’d think, based on my Product Spotlight series I only shop at Trader Joe’s, but trust me that’s not true, they just have some really good stuff right now. But, back to Honey. We’re good friends now because of this guy: Trader Joe’s Turkish Honey. Deliciously priced ($5.99 per pound) and the taste is unlike any other honey i’ve had. It’s sweet but not cloyingly because it’s seems to be lighter almost like agave. And it’s complex, which is the best part. Your average, everyday honey seems to have one flavor note: sweet. This Turkish Honey on the other hand, is floral and citrusy. It’s worth a try, I have especially been loving it in my afternoon tea (Yorkshire Gold Tea– which could be another post in itself)

Trader Joe's Turkish Honey into tea


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