Weekly eats March 16-20

Not the most glamorous assortment of pictures, but a quick snap shot on the things i’ve been eating this week!

corn beef hash

My family celebrated St. Patrick’s day on Saturday and for years my Dad has been making the most delicious corn beef hash. We always joke about opening a food truck called hashtag hash.

classic enchiladas

On Wednesday I have choir so it’s D’s turn to cook. He has been experimenting in the kitchen lately with what he likes to cook and although he’s had a few mishaps (to put it lightly?!!!) this classic enchiladas dish was his best yet!

pulled pork and broiled grapefruitI made pulled bbq chicken, which is  so unlike me. I am not the hugest fan of BBQ, but this wasn’t horrible, and the grapefruits are still in abundance here in AZ so this was a nice treat.

Oven and Vine

A date night at a cheese board at our local restaurant called Oven and Vine (literally right down the street, we walked there!)


Curry from Green Kitchen Stories. I added jalapeños and a thai chili, but otherwise stuck to their recipe and it was divine!

Salad nicoise We went to the farmers market and got a ton a produce so I decided to make a farmers market style salad nicoise, everything about it was delicious and fresh!


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