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My love of Podcasts started well before the phenomena that is Serial (btw if you haven’t jumped on that bandwagon you MUST drop everything and tune in now, it’s seriously worth the hype).

But before the obsession with the beloved Serial, I was listening to four programs (two about food). My first and forever love is Splendid Table, then America’s Test Kitchen, and the two nonfood related podcasts: This American Life, and Story Corps (David and I actually got a chance to record an interview a few years ago for the Story Corps project!).

But recently I’ve been wanting to listen to more, and I found two more terrific and thought provoking food related programs:

Slate’s Table to Farm: By Slate Magazine 

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A typical food podcast (at least typical from the ones that i’ve been exposed to) of a dueling male and female team. The female, a heartfelt vegetarian who is also Slate’s food editor, Laura Anderson. And a brash, highly opinionated, meat-hungry male, The Sporkful’s Dan Pashman. But unlike any other food podcasts i’ve listened to, they cover one ingredient and/or one dish at a time. What I enjoy about each episode is that they dive into the controversy of that particular ingredient that makes up the dish. In the Coke-a-Cola Cake episode (yes, coke-a-cola cake!!) They discuss soda and the surrounding controversy about soda tax. They brought both perspectives to the table which was interesting because the conversation really made me think about looking at the issue from a different perspective. So far I really love the Apple Crisp episode and the Coke-a-Cola Cake episode. Each episode ends in a recipe the team eats on tape.


Talking with my Mouth Full 

Talking with your mouth full podcast, podcast, TWMMF

At first I was drawn to the Slate’s podcast more. They grabbed me in a way Talking with My Mouth Full didn’t. But the more I listened (especially to the Small Bites episodes which are just a few minute episode about one topic) the more I really started to like this charming and informative podcast. What drew me away at first was how it was so similar to other food podcasts. A dueling male and female team who started off way too off the charts. The first segment highlights a song that is about sex…? But like I said, the more I listened to it the better it got. In fact by the first episode I already learned that you should use cold butter when making a cookie recipe (even if the recipe says use room temperature) because it fills the batter with more air and thus will help prevent flat cookies! Also they talk about creaming the sugar and butter for as long as possible so that the sugar basically dissolves into the butter. Both of these methods obviously work best when you use your stand mixer.


A few more I have recently stumbled upon but have yet to tune into: Spilled Milk, Joy the Baker/Homefries, and The Sporkful.

If you like learning about food, techniques, the industry I highly recommend all four podcasts I’ve tuned into: The Splendid Table, America’s Test Kitchen Radio, Slate’s Table to Farm, and Talking with My Mouth Full.

Let me know what podcasts you listen to!


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