Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Phoenix

Chocolate Chip Cookies are my absolute favorite sweet treat. But a bad chocolate chip cookie, one that is dry, doesn’t have enough chocolate chips or is too sweet can ruin the whole experience. So we went on a search for the best cookies in the state and here are the contenders:

1. Paradise Bakery: $0.95 You have to at least give it a chance in the running. A Paradise cookie is a classic. Although Paradise cookies on their own compared to the others the cookie seemed to be too sweet, and had too much seemingly fake vanilla flavoring.

Paradise Bakery Cookie

2. Zoës Kitchen: $2.19 The stand out favorite. This had not only the best consistency but the most amount of gooey chocolate chips (both milk and dark). It’s reasonably priced and one of the largest cookies we tried. If you are near a Zoës Kitchen stop in & try this cookie!

Zoe Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookie

3.Wildflower Bread Company: $1.69 Too sweet and not enough flavor. Lots of flour, could have used more salt or chocolate chips for flavor.


4.Urban Cookies Bake Shop: $1.79  The texture was the best, chewy, caramelized and not too sweet but the overall experience was only average and for a company who specializes in cookies we expected much better.  Online description: a classic made with organic madagascar bourbon vanilla

Urban Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookie

5. Nami : $1.95 Although Nami specializes in Vegan treats, they have a regular ol’ chocolate chip cookie and I have to say it’s best to stick with their tsoynami’s or other treats, this tasted odd and dry. Our least favorite.

Nami Chocolate Chip Cookie

6. Neiman Marcus: $2.50 Our third favorite. If you know anything about chocolate chip cookies you know to try this one because of it’s famous $250 recipe myth. However the hype lives up to this cookie. Granted we were a bit biased because after a long day of shopping we stopped by the cafe and they gave it to us hot and with a cold glass of milk. But still the cookie it’s self is flavorful, dense, and filled with gooey chocolate (even the day after!) Plus when you take it to go they give you a cute box with the famed recipe so you can make it at home!

neiman marcus Chocolate chip cookie

7. Olive & Ivy: $1.50 A close, if not tie for first. This was not only one of the best bang for your buck cookie, because of the price and how big it was. But everything was on point. At first glance you think it’s going to be dry, but it’s actually perfect- a bit chewy and dense on the outside and creamy and soft on the inside.

Olive and Ivy Cookie

Overall round up could go two ways: ZoesKitchen, Olive and Ivy, Neiman Marcus, Urban Cookies, Wildflower, Paradise, Nami. Or Olive and Ivy, Zoes Kitchen Neiman Marcus, Urban Cookies, Wildflower, Paradise, Nami

You get the drift. This was a fun post to research! Let me know if you know another place to find a great chocolate chip cookie in Phoenix!


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