Bar Keepers Friend

Huge, black, stubborn food stains on pots and pans used to be the bane of my existence. I would stand by the sink for hours scrubbing away the stain, let it soak for a few minutes, than go back at in again. I stopped using my favorite stainless steel pan  because I hated the idea of washing it. Until I found this friend:



Right off the bat it comes in with a home run at $1.99 a pop. I have only used it for cleaning my pans, but it says it’s a multi purpose cleaner.

Here are my honest to God results (Keep in mind this food stain had been stuck on for WEEKS! and nothing would remove it but Bar Keepers Friend!)

IMG_2642 IMG_2644 IMG_2646


IMG_2648 Finished product.


If you are like me, and you hate scrubbing stubborn stains on pots, get this cleaner! You can’t go wrong!



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