Weekly Eats

I dub this week, eating out week. I ate out EVERY SINGLE DAY. Given, there was a lot of celebrating to do- graduations and the like. But I do miss cooking. So next week be prepared for a lot more home cooked meals!

For my cousins graduation we went out to this restaurant in L.A. called Girasol. Since we were such a large party the Chef created a menu special for us and brought all the food out family style. Apparently the Chef, CJ Jacobson (read more about him here) was a Top Chef contender. He came out to talk to us and he is like 7 feet tall, and a sweet man. Below are all of our courses from Girasol.


(Nectarines, Fried Lentils, burrata, basil, and edible flowers)

Beet salad

(Same style salad- Goat cheese, basil, honey, roasted variety of beets, edible flowers, spring mix, herbs)


(Hamachi, Sea Beans, White Fir and wild sorrel broth)


(Warm sunchoke, medjool dates, kumquat, black and white sage, honey, lemon)


(grilled meatballs, spring garlic, lemon thyme, son gold tomato sauce)


(Grilled Pork Satay, caramelized onion puree, olive oil, grilled lemon, fennel pollen)


Last night we went to Virtu for Arizona Restaurant Week as a family- Mom, Dad, David, Casey and I. We had a great time, but we thought the food was overpriced for what it was.


(octopus panzanella, rustic bread, ceci, celery hearts, smoked tomato)

grilled oc

(Grilled Octopus, Chickpeas, spicy aioli, balsamic reduction, and a fennel and arugula salad)


(chef’s snack, house made smear, chef’s rillette, something pickled, toast)


(pan roasted halibut, potato & fava hash, pancetta, tomato jus, crispy leeks 




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