Weekly Eats

I am always interested in what people are eating- breakfast, lunch, dinner. It’s out of curiosity for inspiration, to figure out what kind of eater the person is, or just plain nosiness. Regardless I like to see what people not only make at home but what they order out. So I decided to start a weekly series on things that I am eating. I can’t imagine myself posting about every single meal I eat, but I want to try and take a picture of the some of the worthy meals i’m eating- just for fun and heck, this is place to read about food, so i’m sure you are as interested as I am!

This post is a compilation of meals I’ve had in March: Enjoy, and be on the look out for this type of post next week.



(Angel Hair pasta with Morels- from the farmer’s market- lemon baked chicken, and a lemon cream sauce)



(Kale chips, homemade potato chips and herb aioli at the new Tarbell’s Tavern)

IMG_2517 IMG_2529

(First picture- blue fin and yellowtail sashimi. Second picture- Tamago, Unagi sushi from Sakana Sushi)


(Homemade Caesar salad with herbed grilled chicken)

image  image

( Soy Tako Ebiyaki and Salmon tower From Kabuki )


(Spice rubbed and grilled pork chop with grilled asparagus)


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