Weekend Oatmeal



Although I struggle with eating breakfast on the week days, I treasure my breakfast times on the weekends. There is something about sitting in the morning light with a cup of tea (or coffee), reading the newspaper (or magazine) and enjoying a nice hot breakfast.  Lately my go-to morning meal has been a hot steamy bowl of oatmeal. Now, I am not picky on which oats I use. Some people are very particular or which types of oats, quick cooking or otherwise, because of the consistency. I like both, all, any. Seriously stick a bag of instant oats in front of my and I will microwave it until nice and lumpy and eat it right up. But when I do have the time I will make myself a nice topping like this blueberry compote. Because in my humble opinion it’s the topping that makes the oatmeal, not the oatmeal itself.

Below is a quick video on how I make my oatmeal and all of the toppings.


Boil 1/4 C Almond Milk and 1/2 C water
Add 1/4 Cup oats (I used quick cooking steel oats here)
Stir continuously for about 8-12 minutes (sometimes I add in extra water if it keeps sticking to the pan)

Blueberry Compote
1 C Blueberries
1 teaspoon sugar
1 table spoon water
keep over medium heat until blueberries are soft and liquid looks absorbed about 4 minutes.

Place oatmeal in the bowl top with bananas, walnuts, blueberry compote and finish with almond milk.




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